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Absolute Relaxation Massage 

With a focus on instilling a deep sense of mental and 

physical relaxation, this massage is perfectly suited to the overworked, overtired and sleep deprived. The soothing relaxation techniques work to reduce muscular and mental tension and enable the body to start healing itself. 

Thermal Bamboo Therapeutic Massage 

Warm Bamboo is used to release tight, overworked muscles as it is rolled slowly and firmly over the shoulders, neck and back of legs. Muscle & Fascia stretching is incorporated throughout the remainder of the therapeutic sports massage. 

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage 

Designed to alleviate muscle aches & pains. Our 

Therapeutic Deep Tissue massage uses medium to firm 

pressure to realign your body and lengthen overworked muscles. 

Nourish & Rejuvenate Massage  

Rejuvenate your body with this rhymthic relaxation massage with spiralling movements incorporating warmed quartz stones. This luxurious massage finishes with an 

intense macadamia hair treatment and tension releasing scalp massage. 

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